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Mobeefleet is our fleet management service, which analyzes and monitores public transport vehicles technical data. It optimizes the performance of operators and authorities.

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Your vehicles, geolocated, monitored 24/7

Mobeefleet monitores your fleet in real time.
It gives you access to information about their position, status and health.
It offers intuitive and homogeneous access to business users (maintenance, operation).

Avoid breakdowns in operation

Real-time alerts report each “on the road” vehicle critical issue. The maintenance teams anticipate breakdowns while the vehicles are operating and have a better chance to avoid them. Technicians can better identify at any time the source of the issues: the workshop can then get organised accordingly.

Optimize maintenance

The workshop monitors in real-time the fleet state. Pending priorities and operational constraints can be combined to improve vehicle maintenance scheduling.

Qualify components

Mobeefleet is a Decision Support and Supplier Relationship Management tool. Each event is for each vehicle, each equipment and each subassembly recorded in a log. It helps both technical and procurement teams evaluate the components reliability.

Get significant value

Optimization of maintenance processes and low investment generate a high return on investment. The fleet reliability is improved on a long term basis, so is the quality of service.


Crisis management

Real-time Mobeefleet alerts enable the maintenance team to act as early as possible in order to avoid breakdowns. No towing, no penalty, no inconvenience for customers, no vehicle out of order. Workshop teams do not have to deal with unexpected situations.
In case of a sudden breakdown, Mobeefleet identifies the cause remotely. Problem solving is easier, in the field fixing is well prepared, and risks of accidents are reduced.


Maximise vehicle uptime

Mobeefleet helps plan vehicles downtime. Interventions are scheduled according to dedicated tools (e.g. CMMS): spare parts supply and work orders are optimised. Fleet knowledge becomes sharper, for each vehicle and each component. Vehicle lifetime increases, spare parts procurement improves, reserve fleet reduces with Mobeefleet use. Factual wear data avoid preventive replacements. Best supplies can be ranked through reliability and durability statistics.



Easy to use

Mobeefleet platform provides access to each vehicle and each component status data, whatever manufacturer. Validated defects are ranked by criticality, with a simple colour code.
The intuitive user interface is adapted to maintenance teams.


Your fleet at a glance

A dedicated monitor (usually 50 inches) is installed in the workshop: it shows vehicles and their real-time status on a map. Any defect is clearly visible.
The workshop teams spontaneously adopt it and constantly consult it.


Diagnostics at your fingertips

Mobeefleet tablet provides access to vehicle information anytime, anywhere. It is an alternative or a complement to the OEM diagnostic tool.
The application is easily used by mechanics, as well as on the field intervention.


Real-time alerts

In an emergency, Mobeefleet generates alarms to indicate an impending failure. Typically, a summary is sent to by SMS and by email to the teams in charge.
In the workshop, a rotating beacon and / or a siren is activated.


Secure data

Mobeefleet protects data of each of the operators.
Secured access procedures are defined for each customer: access rights, user profiles, etc.


Your vehicles already have technical data!

Bus-FMS interface and / or the CAN network provide access to data. An on-board computer is required for transmission to Mobeefleet.
You can either add a dedicated equipment, or even better, use a pre-existing on board calculator and gateway (e.g. AVMS, eco-driving, OpenPlatform vehicle). This second solution is facilitated by the adoption of the ITxPT architecture.
The quantity of information depends on vehicle’s technology (Euro 4/5/6 +) and the data provided by the manufacturer through Bus-FMS interface.

Mobeefleet filters and adds value to your data

Mobeefleet accesses in real-time each vehicle’s geotagged data: doors, brakes, temperature, fluid levels, electronic systems, etc.
The raw data is countless and not usable as such: they become understandable and relevant thanks to the Mobeefleet filters and algorithms.
The maintenance team monitors in real-time each vehicle and each subassembly: dashboard lights, faults, technical parameters, events. In case of critical defect, qualified alerts are immediately sent to the technical managers.


All vehicles manufacturers compliant

In a network, bus and coach fleets are usually multi-brand and multi-model – to meet the diverse assignments and gain from a competitive environment. But workshop teams look for a global, unified and consistent fleet maintenance management.

Many OBUs compliant

Some existing On Board Units (OBUs) and communication gateways are already able to upload useful technical data to Mobeefleet. We work together with leading suppliers to qualify equipments.

OEM pre-equipement

Mobeefleet is already compatible with the solutions from vehicle manufacturers providing optimal performance.


All vehicles with a Bus-FMS interface version 1 minimum (2 or 3 recommended) are Mobeefleet compliant. Several off-the-shelf on board units can already upload technical data.

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“Thanks to Mobeefleet remote diagnostics,
it is not only possible to identify breakdowns
but also to predict them.”




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